Ionic air purifiers

How Negative Ions Purify the Air

airpurifierAlmost all particles in the air have a positive charge.  The negative ion (also called anion) and these particles magnetically attract to one another.  If the concentration of negative ions is high enough, they will attract to floating particles.  This attraction will cause the particle to become too heavy and gravity does the rest.   This action prevents the particles from being inhaled, which in turn, promotes healthier breathing.

The fallen ionized particles are then waiting to be cleaned up.  If particles are stirred up by the cleaning processes, they will quickly settled due to the negative ions filling the environment.

plasma air purifierOur outdoor air goes through this cycle naturally by sunlight.  In a storm, lightening breaks down the air creating negative ions.  Even the droplet interaction from a waterfall (Lenard Effect) or ocean wave will produce this natural air cleaner.

Unfortunately this delicate balance is disrupted by urban sprawl.  Combine indoor lifestyles without fresh air, and driving in closed vehicles; pollution levels go unchecked.

Ionizer/ionic air purifier recreate natures cleaning wonder.

Most use electrode pins, while some use a small radio antenna to electrically produce negative ions. Still others generate plasma creating Hydroxyl ions. These methods produce a density that is many times higher than the negative ion level found normally in nature.